my 348

Thank you, guys, for the welcome.
Don't really have plans or time or health at the moment to put in a car. An open-cowled street rod to showcase the engine would be my choice. I spent a year at my friend's automotive machine shop working on it. I did all the machine work, except grinding the crank - the only tool in his shop no one else used; crank is 10-10, bores are +040 over, and bored off the mains - didn't want to use a 16 degree deck plate. Line-honing the mains was the very first op. My friend started his shop in the '50's, so lots of experience benefitted my build, plus he kept his machines in perfect condition. Image.jpg Image (5).jpg Image (4).jpg Image (3).jpg Image (2).jpg
I had a 1961 S/S in 1968 - I was the third owner. Car had about 60K miles, was the 348, 3X2's, solids. It had a Borg Warner T-10, and a Hurst Comp Plus shifter, with a 3.70 posi. I bought the car the same month I graduated, June of '68. I put Rocket Mags on new "wide ovals". The Sun tach at 10 o'clock on the column I thought was put on by previous owner, and when it quit working, I replaced with another Sun. For some reason, I saved that tach - years later, I happened to see an old ad of the interior, and the tach was factory. Some photos: sophotosphotos- P1010581.JPG P1010582.JPG Image (6).jpg Image (13).jpg Image (14).jpg