Posting jokes

Teacher : If you have 10 chocolate cakes
someone asks for 2,
How many do u have left?

Little Johnny: 10

Teacher: Ok, Well what if somebody forcibly takes 2 of the cakes,
how many would u have left then ?

Little Johnny : 10 and a dead body.


Just deleted my two jokes from yesterday. Certainly didn't mean to offend anyone. It won't happen again, Carmine.
I wasn't referring to your jokes Carmine. Just the jokes that get posted on the forum in general. Was shooting for G rating but it's like speed limit 55 and everyone goes 65. :D

As long as there are no complaints and things don't get too crude, I'm fine with it.


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Thanks Bob, but I'm good for now. I can have a warped sense of humor. What I find funny, others may see it as repulsive or offensive. I respect that. No sense in taking any chances. I like this site very much and the members who have been a tremendous help to me. I belong to a few forums and this site is by far, my favorite. I don't want to get booted off, so why push the envelope. I'm fine with that, Carmine.