Rock N Race 2020 Lets make it even bigger and better than last year


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Got home not to long ago from Rock N Race, had a good time and got to meet some of the guys on the forum. I got to spend a couple hours with Dave Mills disgussing FI plumbing, which was very helpful and greatly appreciated. Weather was ok Friday but was off and on Saturday, I left the track just as the rain started to come and when it came it came by the buckets, hope everyone and their cars survived!!! I will defiantly be on the list for next year with a car, hope it will be a big group. Thanks again to everyone I talked with for all the warm welcomes.


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Well you can't mess with Mother Nature. But what a great turn out. Thanks Bryan for all the work you put into this. Sorry we missed the picnic, next year Jim & I will have to pit closer. It was good seeing everyone. Mark Steele you were missed and so were you Ray. We are hopeful for Thompson but with this crazy race season it's hard to make plans.
Take Care Everyone.
Jim & Val McCombs

Don Jacks

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We got in about 8;30 last night.Worth the trip,wonderful time! We actually got in a lot more of Saturday than the weather people predicted.Early August and a high of 77 degrees,nice when compaired to the high 80's-low 90's around here.As usual,wonderful people,some unwanted carnage[sorry Brian and Ricky.]I picked up my block in Dayton[thanks Russ] and am now an "official"member of the 409 club,my heads from Dave[stunning work] and a couple of other things.Looking forward to next year.
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Left around 1 or so yesterday and got home at 10:15....time change helped, 616 miles.

Thanks Bryan for all the hard work organizing things. Great meeting new folks and catching up with others. :crysorry about the motor.

Thanks to Loreen and the crew for the good grub. Also for all the popups to get under..maybe the Hall's???

Then about the bags game. Game 1 Dave(never played this game before)Mills tosses in 3 in a row for the win. Game 2 Tonto and I won. Game three Dave's ringer Grandson William came through for their win. I would have done better if I could have kept Tonto out of the firewater...........:facepalm:drinking

Shout out to Chick's Eye View for the great photos.

Hey Nate, please PM me your jalapeno recipe....they were great.

Another great time except for the rain.