Still have leaves falling, but snow Friday


Its snowing at a pretty good rate now. The school bus dropped off the neighbor kids 2 hours early today so something must be on the way. The schools are pretty much chicken $hits when it comes to snow now, way back when I went to school it almost took an act of God for them to cancel school and once they got you to school there was no coming home early.

Yeah, we had to walk to school in a blizzard both ways UPHILL! :sweat
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OMG!!! That's the stuff heart attacks are made of! :thud WET, HEAVY and miserable to shovel. Even the little Jeep that could got a good work out!

It looks like 12 inches of pure agony we got here. Had a hard crusty icy layer for the last inch or so.

Just some "detail" shoveling and then a final pass with Mr. Jeep and I'm done. :deepsleep


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Man I'm glad I live where I live, both coasts get pounded . East coast gets a crap house full of snow, rain and whatever is leftover from hurricanes and the West coast is fires, droughts ,mudslides and earthquakes even to the South of Ohio they've been getting unusual weather down there , I'll stay where I'm at.



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So i read where a lot of you are getting snow already. Is this normal for this time of year for you or is it way early!
We are in the later part of spring with temps around 20 - 25 deg C with summer kicking in from 1 Dec