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Hi everyone. Is anyone here, other then myself, invested in the stock market? I've been dabbling in the stocks since 1985. Overall, I've done fine, but I've never seen it so volatile as I have lately. Use to be some minor ups and downs, but now it thinks nothing about dropping 700-800 points in one day.. A few days in the row at that. I think some gains for the year have recently been erased. I have no desire to bail out. It will come back. It always does. Besides, what would you do with the money anyway?? Savings accounts are paying about 0.75% interest. A 12 month CD in my area is paying 2.50%. Then there is this Bit Coin-crypto currency which I try to understand, but don't. Sounds like a Ponzi scheme to me, Carmine.


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i believe 1988 there was a 600 pt drop when the market was just over 1k. it bounce back. even if we go into a recession
it will bounce back. depending on your age and need for cash. if you need cash go to bonds or cash if you are getting
a little scared. jim


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Yes, I have been watching it. Now that I am retired, my 401k is now the majority of my income. As of now, I have lost everything that I made this year and moving to the bond market doesn't look much better. Just don't follow my example - I always seem to buy high and sell low. Good instincts - just a little late on the execution.

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Humans have all but lost control of the day to day buying and selling. It's all computer based algorithms. Some are decrying that loss of control and want a little more say in the day to day process. I am not invested as heavily today as I was but still have a sizable portfolio. My investments are currently high risk. Overall the markets have been very good to me, so much I can sit back and play the game with my last IRA.


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so far I have yielded 110% of my investment in YUM brand's KFC Asian market...can't lose selling chicken in Asia...they don't eat burgers...look into it...the american indexes don't effect Asian markets as much...