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I do applaud the new buyer, after all I bought the car setting next to the Bagwell car.

While mine did not even come close to being in the same condition I know what it took.

I think everyone that looked at the cars thought they were all in similar condition, not so.

I can share that Thunder is definitely the worse followed by the Bagwell car.

There are a couple of “rebodied” Z-11’s out there, everyone should know about those if you are going to buy one, the buyer beware approach.
Mine needed a trunk and a portion of each rocker replaced, frame turned out to have surface rust.

Now it’s time to share the following:

When we picked up the Colbert car, the seller could not find the front bumper, so guess what.........
He gave me the bumper off of THUNDER!

So, with THUNDER being the FIRST Z-11 car keep in mind the bumper you will see on the Colbert car is the one you see in the Thunder photos:) :)

THUNDER BUMPER with his towing light adapter.
CAB8532B-92E5-4DAE-A60D-E6A0625FA23D.jpeg 2F95AAFF-193A-4B39-B3EB-84D15589D138.jpeg 2AA6B23B-CC49-4002-A73A-F35B000EA839.jpeg

Tom Kochtanek

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TomK is from Cleveland.....?????????

That was true some 40 years ago :). Now I can only wish....

Such objects are clearly on the Bucket List, who knows?

Not really familiar with this particular Z-11, is there some interesting history to it (I would guess they all do)?