w motor in pick ups


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Awsum,have you sorted out you motor mount/exhaust manifold combo yet?Was your truck 6 cyl. originally,I was under the impression V-8's were 2WD only.I put an engine crossmember out of a 73-87 truck for use with 454 currently in there,it bolted right in after I drilled the holes.I'm prepared to pull it back out and use something else if necessary,I'm skeptical the center dump manifolds will clear the later style motor mounts currently in there.
Any issues with connecting the TV cable from the carbs to the transmission? I am thinking of doing pretty much the same thing. 1958 348 motor into a 1964 C10 pickup and using a 200-4R transmission. I have just recently acquired the truck and the motor, and am searching for a transmission. Cheers, Chris

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Bow-Tie Overdrives ,among others has the detent hook up kit,and TCI makes the electrical hook up needed for the clutch converter to operate.