Welcome to Doug Marion!


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I've heard a lot of great things about you, although we've never met. Maybe at Kansas City? I'll be the first to say Welcome, We're glad to have you! :) Aaron the 348NUT

Hey Bob; we've got another Celebrity! :D


A big welcome from me too Doug! Your right nut, we're gaining in popularity I do believe. lol

I have to say, if it weren't for Doug Marion's 1980ish articles about 409's in Super Chevy magazine, I might not even know what a 409 is today! :)

It all started for me with that "borrowed" copy of SC in high school. I loved the 62-64 Impala's since birth but little did I know then, I was about to learn they could be had with more than a 283! :D

I just about wore the print off of the pages of those old SC mags and still have every single copy yet!

Glad you found us Doug. So...what ever happened to that 62 Belair/409 project anyway?


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Big welcome from me too Doug. It's been a while since we talked, are you ever coming east?

Tommy Nolen:)


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Welcome Doug !!

It`s been a while since we sat down and drank a few local micro-brews !!! I`ll never forget that night you,,,,,,,,

OK,,,OK,,,,so we never meet !! heeee heee
But as long as I`m at it ,,,,,, Thanks for the great articles and mag !!!

Welcome aboard !! ,,,dq :D


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Hey Doug!!!! Glad to hear you joined 'the gang'. These guys all love the old 409s that you and I, and I'm sure some of these guys, raced when they were new.
I posted the artist drawing of the 63 Biscayne 'mystery motor' car that Roger and I are doing. Check it out when you have time.
Sure enjoyed the article you did in CHEVY RUMBLE on Roger and John's MYSTERY MOTORS.
If you guys aren't subscribing to CHEVY RUMBLE, you need to. Doug does some very interesting and informative articles on the cars we love and build. As most of you know, he is very BIG on 348s and 409s.
Just wanted to say WELCOME, Doug
Your old 409 drag racing friend, Ed Pogue


Does the Chevy Rumble magazine have a website? I'd be happy to add the link to the links page if it does. :)

If not, maybe contact info to sign up for a subscription?


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CHEVY RUMBLE subscription inquires 866-515-5600. Subscription rates for 2 years (12 issues) 34.99.


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Hi Doug, As an old Union Grove regular, I want to welcome you
to a very interesting group: mostly greybeards that are loyal
W-heads. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have, it gets my
blood flowing. Welcome!


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:D :D How ya' doin' ED?I notice your in Enid Oklahoma?You don't know me but the guys here on the forum do.I have a daughter living in Enid,small world! Regards P.DP.Petty


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Welcome Dougo!

What can I say Doug but....about time! Welcome neighbor! Your old Wonder Lake homestead is for sale now and it's been remodeled.

Saw Munk @ dinner in McHenry just yesterday and he says "Hi"! He's lost a bit more weight since you visited last summer. Hope your Mom is doing better.

All the best and say hello to Patty for us,

Jim & Sharon Miller;)
Ed409, I'd really like to have a copy of THAT magazine (on the mystery). I was at Smokeys when he was getting rid of his old stuff, Floyd Garrett got at least one, some guy from CA with Mickey Thompson's 1963 Vette that had one wanted one. GM allegedly paid $3000 for a set of stock exhaust manifolds to put on MY mystery motor, the one I restored for Tonawanda, the one they GAVE me then STOLE back!. I'd like a copy of that issue, or a photo copy of the article. Looks like I'll have to subscribe, as expensive as it is...................

Tom Kochtanek

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Welcome Doug Marion

Doug, welcome to the Forum. Lots of great guys, plenty of information and support. Love your articles from Chevy Rumble :)
So what do you think ever happened to your first Chevy (from the recent issue), the 1962 SS with the 409 four speed?


Tom Kochtanek
Columbia, Missouri
Actually, if you haven't seen Chevy Rumble do yourself a favor, get a subscription if only for the FABULOUS pictures. It's an oversize GLOSSY magazine, the only one like it is Hemmings new Muscle Car magazine which is now available for $12 dollars for a year, 12 issues. That won't last!. I only have a couple of issues of Rumble, but wish now I had them all, looks like I'm gonna have to break down and spend the big bucks.


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Fran, Phil Reed should have most of the copies of Rumble for sale. If not, I'm sure Doug Marion can get you what you need. Thanks, Ed:cool:


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Fran, I forgot to mention that my friend, John Mounts, bought a pair of mystery manifolds at Smokey's auction for his motor. As I remember it, he paid 5,000 for them, beating out a buyer from Chevrolet. ed409chevy