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    Anyone heard from Mike models916?

    Still here. Been busy. Enjoyed a talk with Phil. I don't get to come here "cuz" my wife is on the computer during the day and I lost my work computer when I retired. I'll stop by more often now days.
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    409 oil slinger

    You don't need the slinger with or without it coming on it. If you are using a roller cam you will need one. You can get a thicker one for Milodon for cheap.
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    Home Wrecker 2018 Recap

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    Opening trunk without key

    Lock on the glove box door?
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    Starting new engine this week lifter question

    Take the Motor apart and check the rear cam bearing.
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    Dealer display deaders. 1/2 priced.

    Come on, it's a play on words. DDD.
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    Dealer display deaders. 1/2 priced.
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    Hard starting

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    Distributor problems

    Just move it and then re-rotate (crank) the engine to get it to drop down into the engine.
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    409 Glass fuel filter bowl

    Just change the gaskets to something modern.
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    disc brakes

    14" mag may fit. Camaro 14" will fit for sure. Just have to measure.
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    New Rebuild Start Up Procedures/Input needed

    Remember to just break in the cam on the stand. Further running will do some damage possibly. Break in the engine on the road........
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    Third Member from Open to "P" Case Conversion

    The case is just a marking to let you know it been Modified, factory or yourself. Nothing to do with Posi or not.
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    New Rebuild Start Up Procedures/Input needed

    If the cam bearings have been changed, check out the oiling to the lifter gallery before you start it.
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    Well guys, here it goes

    Thank you