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    A/S in 1964

    I think you misunderstood my post. Getting items chrome plated isn't a problem, there is a chrome plating shop 10 miles from my house, they do my bumpers and other small items but they won't plate my wheels. Something about about the shape of the wheel. The chrome reverse wheels that were so...
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    A/S in 1964

    Its a shame you cant rechrome a wheel, or at least I havent found any shops that will. I have an original set of 14" reverse chrome wheels but the chrome is bad and the wheels have painted.
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    Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

    If this woman is the future of this country then im glad i am of advanced age cause i want no part of it
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    Happy Birthday! Blk61409

    Hope you have a wonderful day Pat.
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    New York Shaker Start up

    not telling you what to do but I'd idle that baby up a bunch
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    Pics of 63 Chevy optional "chrome wheel" package

    I think Fred had them on his 63 "So Sad" if you can find a photo of it
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    59 Star Chief at auction

    BJ, great minds think alike! I just bought this last weekend. Tri power but it is an automatic, i wanted a 3 speed but also wanted a Sport Coupe and couldnt find that combination.
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    1962 409 Bubbletop Belair

    Good idea!
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    1962 409 Bubbletop Belair

    Keep the original exhaust manifolds cause the day will come when you will wish you had left them on it. Just sayn
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    Courtney Force

    Smart girl, play with fire long enough you get burned. She has nothing to prove
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    Barrett Jackson

    Remember, the winds change direction. Twenty five years ago i didnt even watch BJ because it was mostly the big old classic cars that they were selling. Ten years ago the muscle cars were hot then it was the street rods and now the restro mods. BJ is a different world from what most of us live...
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    Windshield molding clips

    Try to use either all original clips or all repo clips, don't mix them together, I've had some trouble with them being a little different height and the trim won't snap down like it should.
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    Barrett Jackson

    I think there may be something to that except i look at it a little differently. The cars have been soft for the past year and i figured it might be because the stock market was doing so well since Trump got elected. The high rollers moved their money from the cars back to Wall Street. But last...
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    Barrett Jackson

    Yes, it sold for 105k at BJ back about 2007 or 2008. That car is not an SS, nor is it an original 4 speed. It was originally a 283 powerglide, black with white top.
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    Barrett Jackson

    I think my old 61 Impala sold for 71k plus fees, thats 25k more than the car is worth, in my opinion but it is a very nice car or it was, i sold it back in 2004 so hopefully it has neen maintained.