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    Rock n Race 2019 348/409 class

    Phil, In your defense, what kind of rickety ass trailer does the rear door fall off of? Asking for a friend :)
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    1959, 60 or 61 original 3x2 Breather

    Anyone have one they will part with, needs to be really nice. Asking for a friend. Thanks, Tommy
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    409 Valve Covers

    What year do you want? Nice set of 64 covers on ebay now
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    Happy Birthday! Fathead Ray Barnhart

    Happy birthday Ray, hope you have a wonderful day!
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    61 Impala 283 AACA First Prize Winner sold today in Monterey

    No, I dont recall seeing the car. Nice car though, I expect it is a west coast car.
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    61 Impala 283 AACA First Prize Winner sold today in Monterey

    That's strong money for a small motor car, glad to see it.
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    Car Show that has a lot of judge categories.

    AACA National events require every vehicle to have a fully charged fire extinguisher. Last month I entered a car in the POCI Convention in Gettysburg and my AACA approved fire extinguisher did not meet thier specifications, I had to purchase one that met thier requirements. (It was larger)
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    63 Poncho Bonneville

    Thats exactly why I keep searching for it.
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    63 Poncho Bonneville

    I didnt realize Arnie had those cars stationed across the country but I guess it makes sence. I sure didnt know he ever raced a Bonneville, never seen any photos of it Another subject, for many years my search for the elusive Pontiac part number that was supposedly asigned to the Ford truck...
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    63 Poncho Bonneville

    Not in this case Philip
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    63 Poncho Bonneville

    Needs to be a Catalina, Bonneville is just too big
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    Chevrolet Engine Sizes I never knew about!

    I have a couple of friends that still run the gas duallys, i think they are 502 cubic inch
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    Happy Birthday! bjburnout

    Happy birthday BJ, hope you have many more!
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    Looking for Ford truck hood scoop for NS/S

    350 sounds high but really if the scoop was nice with all the studs intack it probably was about the going price. I have one on my 63 Catalina, I dont know that I would sell it for that.
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    A59C Air filter

    There was an nos one at the Pontiac Nationals today, sold for 50 bucks so I heard