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    Paul Goldsmith, Linda Vaughan and Joe Weatherly, right?
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    Chrome reverse wheels source??

    I have an original set or four but they need to be replated and i dont know anyone who can do that.
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    Difference between one piece and two piece X frame?

    Tom, But that is a picture of the front horns, I've never a 61 frame that didnt look like that in the front. The rear is where ive noticed the big difference. The white 61 SS that I owned had the square tubing behind the rear axle, prettist thing Ive seen as there no welds. I wish i had a...
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    Glass bowl gas filter

    Those stone elements are getting difficult to find
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    Good News! NATIONAL HOLIDAY. 4 09

    4/09 is my wifes birthday, shes a keeper!
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    Difference between one piece and two piece X frame?

    When you refer to a one piece and a two piece frame do you mean the 61 boxed frame verses the channel frame? I'm not aware of a two piece frame. What did i miss?
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    Exceeded my personal best at Winter National

    Watch out for the mail boxes too
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    1962 SS 409

    That incorrect fan shroud is usually a pretty good indication of an original small block car
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    Photos from an older Rocking Chair event

    Wish we could do that again!
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    A/S in 1964

    I think you misunderstood my post. Getting items chrome plated isn't a problem, there is a chrome plating shop 10 miles from my house, they do my bumpers and other small items but they won't plate my wheels. Something about about the shape of the wheel. The chrome reverse wheels that were so...
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    A/S in 1964

    Its a shame you cant rechrome a wheel, or at least I havent found any shops that will. I have an original set of 14" reverse chrome wheels but the chrome is bad and the wheels have painted.
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    Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

    If this woman is the future of this country then im glad i am of advanced age cause i want no part of it
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    Happy Birthday! Blk61409

    Hope you have a wonderful day Pat.
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    New York Shaker Start up

    not telling you what to do but I'd idle that baby up a bunch
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    Pics of 63 Chevy optional "chrome wheel" package

    I think Fred had them on his 63 "So Sad" if you can find a photo of it