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    Happy Birthday! bjburnout

    Hope you have a great day BJ and many more to come
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    Happy Birthday! Roger Gunter

    Happy birthday, Roger, hope you had a great day!!
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    Bought a tornado Thursday night!!!

    Damn Cecil 119 degrees, does the Greyhound bus still come through there? If one came by headed north I'd flag it down. :)
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    New York Shaker

    You go the AACA shows, is that correct? I note that most of them are in the eastern US. I also noted many cancellations this year. Paul There has only been one AACA National Meet this year, that was in Feb. before this virus crap started. Everything has been canceled. AACA does have their...
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    New York Shaker

    I had an email conversation with Verne last night about this an he confirmed the black paint on the m/c. I think the original m/c that were used on the assembly line were painted black, maybe it was a low grade of paint that weathered away over the years but the purpose was the prevent surface...
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    New York Shaker

    I rely on Verne Frantz on a lot of the detail items and he has always told me they should be black. Also, the Corvette vendors sell reproduction caps for those m/c that look really nice. yours also looks great!
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    New York Shaker

    That master cylinder should be painted black
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    4 posts lifts

    i have had a BackYard Buddy for over 15 years with absolutely no issues. And, it was made in Ohio, USA
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    Two head gaskets real or myth?

    But they were nothing but the 1147 heads with bigger holes for the push rods. Just my thoughts but I believe the 61 motor only had one head gasket, the motor was nothing more than an enlarged 348/350 horse motor. open a can of worms, it was nothing but Chevrolets quick answer to...
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    Two head gaskets real or myth?

    I graduated from high school in 1962, one of my buddies was given a black 62 Impala SS with the dual quad 409 for graduation by his Grandmother and that was about the firs thing he did was took it to a local garage and had the gaskets changed out to one
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    Dual Plane manifold for 409 made from AMC engine

    I would be supprised if that intake will match up to the ports on any heads. Jimmy changed the ports in the heads too.
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    Dual Plane manifold for 409 made from AMC engine

    The guy that is selling the intake is the step son of my friend that I spoke of. Small world
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    Dual Plane manifold for 409 made from AMC engine

    I wonder where this manifold came from? What part of the country. I have seen one, my best friend from years ago built one, this could possibly be it because I have never seen or heard of another. His name was Jimmy Scott, he was a mechanical genius. The motor that his intake was on was a...
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    RIP Ruth Bader Ginsberg

    Damn, this a tuff crowd !!