1962 2 door hardtop QB 409 with 3 speed

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I started working at the sand pit Saturdays and summers about 1959 when I was 12. Started working at the quarry in 62. Dad had a couple of employees besides me. I got money on Saturday night to go out..no pay check until i graduated from high school. got out of high school in May of 1965 and just came across my W2...an even $1,000 dollars year ending 65. We worked 7-5 M-F and 7-3 Saturdays. Had plenty to eat, clothes and room and board. April of 66 I went to work for a tuckpointing company hanging off the sides of buildings doing masonry work. Big money..$2.75 per hour lots of 80-90 hour weeks. Overtime on only a small portion. On the road...no stipends. After six months i went back to work for Dad and hadn't saved a dime. Everyone in a family business needs to go work somewhere else for a while, then go back. Incorporated in 1976 and started to change things. Sold 2/3 of the business May 1 here in Iowa and will close on the Illinois Division June 7. Time to retire.

1958 delivery

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My first "employment" was in 1966 when I was 15. Mom got me a fake work permit (you had to be 16) and I applied for a job at McDonalds. Pay was 90 cents per hour, I made $36 a week and was in tall cotton :).

Dad bought me a 1961 Belair 4 door for $200 that summer and the lifelong fun began!

You might get prosecuted with those college families

1958 delivery

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As an E-1 in 1962 I was getting a whopping $82.20 a month before taxes. On payday I filled up my 58 DelRay with a gas sipping 348 3x2's, bought a case of beer and I could almost make it to the next paycheck.

Things didn't change much relative to the military. In 1969 as an E1 I was making $88/month and no, I never made it to the next payday which was once a month. Couldn't afford a car let alone a case of beer


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:jacked I looked into the 3 speed 409 , found out it was probably a heavy duty Borg Warner without a 1st gear synchronizer. It s on the forum here a few months ago, alot of guys here chimed in. Thank you, cooool car.

David Soper

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I ordered a 1962 Impala SS on March 20 1962 from Loving Chevy in MARYLAND. I ordered the 380 hp , positraction , 3 speed trans .I sold my 1958 Bel Air with 348 250 hp motor with 3 on the tree that i street raced and raced at Aqusaco drag strip.I ordered the 3 speed because i was pretty good with the column shifter. The 62 i raced at Capital raced and 75/80 dragstrip. The transmission was a Saginaw. I broke the trans 3 times and Loving Chevy sad no more transmisions. I ordered a t10 and installed it.