1962 Quarter Panels


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Hubbard Impala sells the full factory style 1/4 panels to my knowledge.
I saw in person 1963 & 1964 full 1/4s at Goodguys in Des Moines last July, they looked excellent....as compared to NOS and original 1/4 panels.
i also spoke with the owner of Hubbards at length about quality sheetmetal, he said they sell the best quality- a company requirement he said.
After doing 2 - 62 frame off restorations in the last 10 years one of the restorations( I found original & NOS 1/4s for the other 62 ), I used the cheap full drivers 1/4 with the same problems as noted above as noted by 62bubble with the rounded factory body line ridge, the wheel lip opening and gas door. When I did my 62 with the drivers 1/4 the full 1/4s were “not” available. We made the replacement work...but lots of additional work( I insisted to my body shop friend that the replacement drivers 1/4 look like the original passenger 1/4 on my 62).

I would call Hubbards again & wait if needed, and get the 1962 full 1/4s they sell. I did not ask this summer at Goodguys, but I bet they are Dynacorn 1/4s.
Watch the key words on classic industries ( up to) 30% off! So that means when you go check out you get .5% off. I hate that shit!!
I ended up purchasing them from Classic and canceled my order from Hubbard's. They arrived pretty quickly. My guy doing the metal work said they are definitely the good quarters. They are probably the same full quarters used by everyone now. Anyway, I got the 30% off too. The only issue is that FedEx bent them. The boxes were both smushed. So, Classic was really cool and has another set on the way.


Tom Kochtanek

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I looked up Classic's website and they note that these quarters are not for the convertibles from 1962.

Does anyone know what the differences might be?

Still exploring options...



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B53C43BC-E6AB-4B8C-8888-4C15C0F79EB8.jpeg CBB0AC97-5201-4169-9E0C-E233D7A92E49.jpeg
The filler panel behind the trunklid on a convertible is narrower to allow the top to go down.The first picture is of the pinch weld that you need for the trim with the parade boot snaps.The second picture is of a 63 nos hardtop quarter on my convertible to give you an idea.The second photo is of what they had to do to graft the panel to what I left on the car.Luckily the right nos quarter I had was for a convertible so they were able to make a template from it.Just make sure you leave them plenty to work with.


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Both my convertible rear 1/4 panels my body shop friend never cut the convertible top lip -the cuts were front to back about 4 to 6 inches from the convertible pinch weld lip (leaving the lip in place ).
In other words cut the hardtop 1/4 panel and match it on top of the 1/4 panel (to save the factory convertible lip on top of factory 1/4)
I would never make a new convertible lip unless you have a NOS convertible full factory 1/4

on the passenger side I had a full original rust free hardtop 1/4 panel -he cut 6 inches from the pinch weld convertible lip from the door back almost to the trunk opening - and then 90 degree cut "to the middle" the factory 1/4 connection by the trunk lip

Pictures below of my Drivers side NOS hardtop 1/4 panel -used on my 62 Impala convertible (the front 1/4 panel section in front of the rear wheel well, had been previously used prior to me buying this NOS 1/4)

Note on the last 2 pictures of my original bad convertible passenger 1/4 panel that has a pencil marking on the top of the 1/4 showing were my body shop friend, is going to cut the top of the convertible 1/4 panel to fit the full original hardtop 1/4 -that I luckily found from a guy in Omaha.




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Called guy up. Two really nice rust free ready for primer/paint '62 Impala fenders.
Appears he has 3 fenders. One needs some work.

Harry Powell

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I picked up a pair of the Dynacorn quarter panels and they look very nice, but I have no idea how they fit yet. Their 63 and 64 quarters fit quite nice, so I'm thinking/hoping the 62 quarters fit just as nice. James from Hubbard's( might be James Hubbard ?) was telling me Dynacorn is just an importer, and they are not a manufacturer. So is there more than one company selling the same import quarter panel as their own????
Yes the company from what I’m told is golden legion supposedly they make dynacorn & good mark as well. All comes from over seas of course.