A Long Awaited Marriage

Tom Kochtanek

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Stopped by James' this AM, he already had the BA409 car loaded on his trailer, with plans to relocate it to Nathan's new digs:

BA409 Shaker1.jpg

Here's the Shaker all alone in a newer 40' by 48' foot pole barn at Nathan's new place:

BA409 Shaker2 new digs.jpg

Nathan's new place is a perfect bachelor's pad, 3000 square feet, spacious two car garage, with a detached 40 by 48, an inground pool and a pond with fish in it, all on 3 acres of privacy on a blacktop road in the County :).

The BA409 car will have it's surgery done in this space, which is only 2 miles from James' residence. Very nice of Nathan to offer up the space temporarily while the quarters get cut, the pans strenghtened, a cage fabricated and hopefully some new brakes up front :). Let's hope she's ready for a fun Summer of racing :) :) :)..

I shot a video but to get it off my phone I had to smash it down and the resolution was compromised :(. Trust me, she sounded good!

Cheers! TomK


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Hey James, are you going to set your Car lift up at Nathan shop? Looks like he has room and then you won’t have to move it from Sean’s later...... Best wishes for Nathan and his new home, I hope his kids will enjoy it too! Last time we were all over at his house they were all in the pool at the old house. I saw the pictures you texted me and it looks like you’re going to do your best to fill his shop up with equipment. Lol:poke:taunt

La Hot Rods

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Nathan and I made a big push today as mother nature was playing fare. :good Tom did make a cameo appearance, it's always great to get the chance to catch up and talk about the future plans for his car. :appl:appl:appl
I feel bad about filling up Nathan's shop.
Today's loads. :)
This is the loud from my shop to make things closer to the project. ;)
Dang,:D I almost broke my pussy on this feat.