Electric 58 Apache


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Probably won't be long before you will be able to go to the APP store and download and APP that works with the throttle position sensor to make some sort of sound that would be projected to speakers on the outside. Hopefully it will include shift points. What the sound will be, I have no idea. Beethoven, Bach, Twisted Sister, a wooshy wooshy sound, :scratch
So you guys should all start recording your engine sounds and selling them to the electrics.


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I hope you know that was no slight on the truck or your son. People have spoken about electrics being so quiet that accidents with pedestrians have happened. And the thought of some form of noise is not original to me. I was just thinking that it could be tied to the TPS or the newer gas pedals for differing levels of sound based on speed. I personally don't really want an electric, however who knows what the future holds as they get better. As for sounds, I think the solution is obvious. Simply put a 409 under the hood. Problem resolved.:D