Metal project: Jeep Frame build

Jim Sullivan

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Ugh! Not that I want to bring back this project right now but the place that I used to get this Jeep inspected has now permanently closed! (just found out today)

Let's just say, the guy "didn't see so well" and helped me out for a few years on this. The problem I think I mentioned at the start of this thread is that a previous owner put patches on the frame and while they are very strong and holding up just fine, supposedly the inspection Gods don't like this method!

I'm not even going to try and find another garage that would be willing to help this poor slob out so it's time to do what I've been putting off. Time to cut the Jeep up and build a new rear frame!

The frame rails are still sitting on the floor where they've been for about a year now. :D The plan is to cut the rear frame off and use it as a guide to build a whole new one. New cross rails, body mounts, gas tank mount, rear cross member/bumper. Once it's all done, then just "graft" it into the remaining frame.

Sounds easy enough doesn't it? :p Sure, just drop the tank, the driveshaft, the shocks, drop the rear w/leafs down, remove body bolts (probably gonna snap off from rust causing more problems!) remove any brake/fuel lines and anything else in the vacinity and then cut the frame and pluck it out.

Building the frame from there will be fun since I love fabrication/welding and having the old unit to use as reference will make it easy.

I just have to get myself to do all this! This has been a bad year for me "energy" wise, starting to feel my age or something. :p

I'll just have to take it step by step, one bite at a time. I already decided to make this a "no pressure" project meaning that when it gets done, that's when it gets done. I renewed the registration and will do the same for insurance and WHEN it's done, I'll take it to any garage for the inspection. This time, it should pass with no problems. Everything else is good on it.

So, who wants to help? :unsure: :waiting2:
Geez Bob, you make sound so simple. Shouldn't take much time at all. :laugh2

Then, when you get the Jeep done in the next week or two, you can come on up and help me graft two x frames together. :good
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Phase #1 is almost complete. Everything that needed to be removed has been and all that's left is to make 2 cuts and the frame drops right out! Had to stop for the day as I was reduced to a puddle of sweat! :sweat What a summer this has been. It's either raining or 90 degrees and high humidity. Looking forward to fall this year!

So far, this job hasn't been as bad as I thought at least getting to this point. I can't believe it but all 4 body bolts came out! I used my handy dandy Bauer electric impact gun on them. That thing is a beast! :D I thought for sure some would either snap or sit there spinning. Sure lucked out on that!

A few other nice surprises in that I don't have to remove the driveshaft or drop the rear. Even the tail pipe can stay put.

Once it's out, Phase #2 begins. That's the part I'm looking forward to. Making a whole new rear frame assembly! :happy