Metal project: Jeep Frame build


A few pics to show my progress. Rear bumper/crossmember is just about done. Mag drill really came in handy drilling those 1-3/8" body bushing holes. 2 more of them in the upper crossmember that I'm also working on. All of these pieces are being made from 3/16" steel. Take THAT mother nature!!! :finger2

DSCN4162.jpg DSCN4163.jpg DSCN4167.jpg


At the mock up stage and I even have some pics to share with the class. All goes well!!! Everything is aligning up just like I had hoped. Having the old frame section made that part easy.

Now that I have all the pieces marked, I can remove it all and tomorrow start welding the upper body mounts to the frame rails, making the part that connects those two and installing that, welding the rear bumper in place and welding the shock mounts in place. I will then dump some Rustoleum red primer into the rails and roll them around to coat the insides. (not sure how that will go yet but things might get a bit messy)

One job not planned on was the rear body mount boxes? They were only made of sheet metal and the bottoms came right out so this is the time to rebuild that area since the frame is out of the way. I'm using 1/8 material (square tube and angle?) instead of the wimpy sheetmetal! Jeep gonna be strong like bull! :look

I'm into this job for just over 2 weeks and very happy with the progress.

DSCN4168.jpg DSCN4169.jpg DSCN4170.jpg DSCN4171.jpg DSCN4172.jpg DSCN4173.jpg DSCN4174.jpg DSCN4175.jpg DSCN4176.jpg DSCN4177.jpg


Bob, you going to repair the body next?

A little here, a little there... This is my winter time beater so it only has to please me, no judges to impress. :D

Even though I really wanted an older Jeep, I have decided to just stick with this one and work out all the kinks. All Jeeps have rust issues. I think they came from the factory with the pre-installed rust package. :D