Z11 Cars, All Accounted For???


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I am trying to find the rebuild pics of the motor that Nasty1 did before the car was sent to Barrett-Jackson and sold to buyer on the west coast. I will keep looking. Diff and tranny are now in Michigan with a member hear.



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I found the old '63 drag car in Hemmings Motor News then located all the aluminum parts in Washington or Oregon. Bumpers from Rusty Symmes. The engine block was found in southern Ohio and top half was from Don Shafer. Lamar rebuilt the engine. Loved those Super Chevy shows. Wonder where the car is today?
Would the person that you bought the aluminum parts from, been a fellow by the name of John Mounts? I purchased a 409 short block from him. He had a TON of 409 parts. He lives about 30 miles south of Seattle. Jon
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Don Shafer drove out to John's place back in the 80's and bought a trailer full of parts. I bought the front end from Don and was told my front end was from one of the front ends off the Black Trash car. It was in terrible shape. In 1990 I bought/traded another front clip from Don that I think came back on his earlier trip out west. I sold it later to a couple guys that showed up in plaid shirts from the upper New York area for $15 grand.

63 dream'n

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[QUOwe're quik9r, post: 338220, member: 565"]the living legend ended up having a set of z11 aluminum heads that were made in late 80s?.. The pictures above were after the heads were removed and the car was put back to "stock" configuration for sale. The heads are still in Ontario in a basement.[/QUOTE]

So were those heads Rojeski???/Walden aftermarket aluminum Z11 heads

Barry Taylor

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Dick, dad bought a 62 chevy2, and had Dan Dean replicate a car like Dickie Harrell was racing at the time and that's where the engine trans went. He only raced the Nova four or five times and sold it. They put a 327 and trans. from a corvette in the 63 and it was sold to a friend, Johnny Scharber. He raced the car for a while and sold it to someone that Ronnie knows, then he traded it in to Friendly Chevrolet for a new 66, 67 Chevelle. I know the car floated around for several more years in the area, then lost track of it. Rumor has it was wrecked, or bought for its front end and possibly crushed. Pat Lobb may have some insite as to what happened to it. Dad told me on several occasions he had dreams he found the car, then wake up and get pretty bummed out. I've also had dreams of finding that car and then have to wake up to reality. BT