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    409 High HP 2x4 Intake Coming soon Plus Z-11

    Sure hoping to have one under the tree for Christmas!
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    A Poem about Tomatoes

    Sounds like those tomatoes bring a tear to the eye also. :D
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    My dad passed away.

    Wally I am so sorry for your loss. I'll be praying for you and your whole family. Especially for your mother. It sounds like she has so much on her already with her brother. I love that they were married for over 55 years. That is truly a blessing and inspiration.
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    Robert Street's award winning Impala.

    Congratulations Robert! We will all be looking forward to the details and some pictures. Don't forget the ones of your new shop too.
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    Still real fine.

    I have that issue here somewhere. That "Milestone Muscle Cars" was a whole series they did with a different model featured each issue.
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    61 biscayne build

    That looks like a fun stretch of road. Thanks for posting this because that color combo '61 Impala sure brings back good memories every time I see one.
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    Ronald Reagan humor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just think how different it would be if we had someone like Ronald Reagan in the White House again now!!! Dan, is that from the movie "Ghostbreakers" ??? I may have the name wrong, but it is a great movie. I'd love to see it again.
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    Special Order Z-11 "SS" 1963 Impala, well ..not really

    I'm glad Dennis answered this one because it has an entirely different meaning around here. :laugh3
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    Found a 1962 Bubble top.

    Any chance there's a 1961 hiding out in the same building.....or somewhere on the property? :dunno Seriously hats off to you Wally for posting this up and taking care of members here. Very cool of you. Phil Reed you lucked out. Must be all that clean living and...
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    My new project just reared it's ugly head...

    Sorry Bob. :crazy The difference in the L30 & L31 is the L30 is a 305 & the L31 is a 350. Like Dave said above, I have seen some quality control problems from GM crate motors in the last few years. Still I think it's better than or at least as good as the quality control from...
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    My new project just reared it's ugly head...

    Bob, if you go the L30 or L31 route, get the L31 (350). It may cost slightly more, but will be worth it. On the other hand, you either of the Vortec engines will require a new intake manifold to fit the vortec heads AND a new flywheel for a 1 piece rear main seal. Since it's a daily...
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    Special Order Z-11 "SS" 1963 Impala, well ..not really

    We're all at least a little jealous (ok.... A LOT!!!) and very happy for you Dennis. Can't go wrong with a car that nice, a legendary Z11 engine that's as close to a brand new one as possible, and such a great group of people behind it all. (Buyer, seller, and wives!) I like the build...
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    Bought a retirement present...........

    :yup Lonnie is right! It's great to read this and know you & Candy will be out driving and enjoying yourselves. I hope to see some new pictures of ya'll out cruising this fabulous '63 often. This evening looks like a great day for a drive here.
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    ARP Bolts

    You're welcome, but in hindsight I don't think I helped any. :crazy
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    ARP Bolts

    You're right I was thinking about main studs not bolts. I do remember reading that the bolts were slightly too long and that they came with thick washers that took up most of the difference, but not all of it. Since the 392 studs are right, I wonder if the ARP bolts for the 392 would work...