2017 West Coast 348-409 Reunion/Shootout


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Announcing the 2017 West Coast 348-409 Reunion/Shootout. It take place August 26 & 27, 2017 at Samoa Dragstrip in Eureka, California.
Come join us in the warm California sunshine and cool ocean breezes at Samoa Dragstrip. There is plenty of lodging available in Eureka and dry camping in your RV at the track.

If you plan on attending please let me know.

Paul "Garbageman" Carbaugh
Thanks Paul for setting this up again. I'll be there for sure. I know there are more California W-heads out there besides Dave, (Boxerdog) and me. So come on you CA guys. Even if you don't race, come out and support the troops!
Pat 'n Patti...... I'll be waiting in the Red Lion lounge with a cold beer and a spare fuel pump.

P.S. I suggest we dedicate this year's event to Nuts. We all know that Bill, Linda, and Ms. Bella would be there if they could.



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Thanks Kim hopefully I got my fuel pump in order and yes we will be staying at the Red Lion going to talk with Linda today will let her know the date maybe Bills son that ownes his Belair could bring it in august


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Great idea Kim. Pat thanks for trying to get that arranged, it would be great if it happens. I plan on attending. See you all in August.



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Come on Guys, how about shifting the date back to July:pray:pray, then I can attend, yaaaaayyyy - LOL.

Dave, how about saving a couple of those posters for me and I can get them when we catch up in July.



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We have printed some, but I can and will get that fixed for future versions. My sincerest apologies.

I did think about that and I looked all over this site to make sure I got it right...or so I thought. I am glad to see the family is back on this site, and hopefully doing well.


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Get your reservations in soon guys we called the Red Lion todaythey set us up at the Clarion close by things are booking up