My new project just reared it's ugly head...


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Every body has suggestion's on spending your money!!:laughingIf the engine run's good why not just fix the leak.My question is when you had pan off,why you did not replace the rear main seal while you were that close ,???Or was it a circular rear main engine???
If is is the 2 piece seal just replace it,not that big of a project and you are already self trained in getting the pan off, after it is off no problem replacing the seal

Don Jacks

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It is an 84 305,most likely an LG4,therefore a 2pc. seal motor.The adv. hp.was about 160.The L-30 is the 96-2001 305 engine with a power rating of 230 as installed in the vehicles.You can expect about 15 more hp with headers,and about 20 more ft.lbs of torque.This package will be worth nearly 100 hp. improvement over the current package when the LG4 was new.


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Well I thought I knew what I was doing until Jason replied! :tantrum :poke :taunt

I don't know what the heck to do now. I do know the L31 has a $100 dollar core charge. What is the differences between the L30 and L31 anyway? :dunno

I could check with the local Chevy dealer for the heck of it. First I have to decide what one to buy. Thanks JASON! :D
Sorry Bob. :crazy The difference in the L30 & L31 is the L30 is a 305 & the L31 is a 350.

Like Dave said above, I have seen some quality control problems from GM crate motors in the last few years. Still I think it's better than or at least as good as the quality control from any other rebuilder out there. I think all of the small block crate motors GM sells now are brand new and not rebuilds. I could be wrong about that, but I can check tomorrow.
IF you were to have an issue, GM will cover the parts and labor to make it right......and that's not just at the place you bought it from, but at ANY GM dealership. Getting an engine warranty covered from ATK, Blueprint, Jasper, etc. can be a nightmare not only for the owner, but for the parts store you buy it from too.

The main reason I recommended checking with your local dealer was to see if they could match Summit's pricing for you. That way you could avoid the shipping charge from Summit.

To add another point to consider: (You can thank me later Bob.)
While Summit will probably charge you the $99 oversize fee, since they are out of state for you then you won't have to pay sales tax. That would cover most of that oversize charge and may make it worthwhile to just buy from them. I didn't think about that earlier.


Thanks everyone. I think I'm going to go with the first one and keep things on the simpler side. I can avoid having to buy a lot of parts that the other 2 engines would need.

As for Summit, it says completely free shipping. The only thing I'm not sure of is how this is delivered. A lift gate would be needed so I don't have to go out on a busy street with my engine crane. :D :fear2I might have to pay extra for that. (will check on that)


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Do a compression check on what you have, if its good, fix the leak. If you knows its been working good and it does the job, you won't be changing a bunch of other stuff, like buying flywheels, fuel pumps, water pumps, distributor, who knows what else.


I was going to retire that 305 soon anyway. I really don't want to go through pulling it, putting it back again only to do that again not far down the road.

It just seems like the ideal time to get it all done now. (but I'd rather not be doing this in December!!!) :shudder
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Well I emailed Summit and Jegs about the delivery method so we'll see what they say. Jegs mentioned "to your door" so I assume that would be residential delivery. I just need to know about the lift gate yet.

Jegs mentioned that these are new and not rebuilt units.

I might check with the local Chevy dealer but I doubt they'll sell it for this price. It would be great to just drive 5 miles and have it loaded into my pickup. :D


Well it's official, I own it. My bank account just took a hit. :look Says it ships today! Might have this thing running by the weekend. :roll

Now to start shopping for all the "add ons." :read