The bead roller of awesomeness!


A few "improvements" have been made worth mentioning. First, I added wheels so when tipped back, this can roll around easily. (may upgrade to a wider track yet for more stability) I also added clips to each peg the bead rollers are stored on so they don't fall off when tipped.

At the other end, I designed an adjustable tilting table that should offer some new possibilities. A square tube was welded under the bottom roller as a reciever so when needed, the new table set up can be slid in. The table top section is removable and a small fence can take it's place that I'm still working on. :weld

What will those engineers think of next? :crazy

DSCN7774.jpg DSCN7771.jpg DSCN7772.jpg DSCN7773.jpg DSCN7775.jpg DSCN7783.jpg