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    817 heads

    Thank You, appreciate the info......
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    817 heads

    Hey Guys, Anyone know the stock valve spring specs for a set of 63, #817, 340 h.p. heads ??? Thank You..Steve
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    409 valve covers

    Thank You, I don't know if I'll ever get done with this thing, seems to be endless.... Oh Well, keeps me out of the watering holes !!! Thanks again, Steve
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    Cloyes timing set

    Thanks Guys, Talked to Bob, this morning "What a nice guy", I believe we will go with his timing set with the torrington bearing... although my cloyes set is a s261t, and does state on the box, that the timing gear is cast iron......I'll just put in on the shelf... Thanks for all the great...
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    Cloyes timing set

    Thanks, Don What do you thing about the S.A, double roller timing sets with the cast iron cam gear, if we ran a comp #201 thrust washer behind it ??? Thanks, Steve
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    Cloyes timing set

    Just read some responses on the last post....scares me !!! "Eating the block " just installed a cloyes timing set for my comp flat tappet cam.....going to use a comp#200 cam buttom...Do I need to put the brakes on ????? Thanks, Steve
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    409 valve covers

    Hey Guys, Can anyone tell me the descripition of the 409 valve cover color (mine were stripped when when I aquired them) looks close to my cushman motor color, a not too bright silver metallic, I'am sure duplicolor, has it.... if I new the number...!!! also, do recommend drip rails inside...
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    Hey Guys, After everything I have read... guess I'll leave the new pro-comp distributor, I bought sometime back for my 409 build in the box. Looks like just go ahead and cough up the coins for a Pertronix.. ??? Thanks,
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    oil pick up screen to pan clearance

    Great, I had set it at 5/16" looks like was in there, thanks again for the great information !!! Thanks again, Steve
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    oil pick up screen to pan clearance

    Hey Guys, I know it is posted somewhere. What do you recommend for clearance from your oil pump pick up screen, to the pan ??? Thanks
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    High volume oil pump

    Hey guys, I have the melling pump, that came with my kit, do you think I should go ahead and order a high volume pump from s.c.'s...... just a hair over stock build on the 409.... Thanks, Steve
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    409 rear main seal

    Hey Guys, I understand the two part rear main seal, but what are the two extra little rubber pieces in my rear main seal kit for ??? Thanks, Steve
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    348 piston size & source question

    I am with you on what is going on with these prices, nor far from driving me back to the flaheads, and 327's.. as far as your piston, you might try falcon global, they sell builders choice pistons, which from what I understand are owned by Packard, out of new jersey, I am using them in my 409...
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    348 heads

    Hey guys, I have a 348 truck engine in the corner of the shop, and the 409 is being assembled on the engine stand...... I thought awhile back I would open up the 348 and look her over, the block is a 3857655 my information shows (62-650 ) truck.... I removed the heads, one being a 3764702 and...
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    348-409 guys, in Tulsa area....

    Thanks HD, catch me at and we will go from there !!! Thanks again , Steve