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a look at the pass side
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Plenty of room around the starter and think it could be changed without header removal.
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Driver side up against the rear of the inner fender well.
Now this car is rusty and am sure the body mounts are old and tired.
The engine sounds completely different now with these over the try y that were on the car.
Can't wait to try them out.
What starter are you using?


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does anyone know which late model gear reduction starters fir a 348...powermaster makes them for other motors but was wondering if one is available for the w block...

Mark Wilson

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A quick note to all those looking at using gear reduction starters. These headers are built to specifically clear a factory full size starter. Some of the gear reduction starters actually are offset further outboard than the original so check before you buy. Some are also indexable for improved clearance

I just recently had a 69 RaodRunner 440 in the shop for headers and we had to replace the aftermarket starter with an original that I had rebuilt to make clearance for the headers.

Thanks all. I'm just finishing up putting Mark's headers in and when it came to the starter I had to have help putting the starter and header in together since you can't do them individual. That's why I asked on the smaller starter. I would like to be able to change it without unbolting the header and exhaust. My next question would be my oem starter has 3 terminals this new one has 2 , what wiring changes need to be made?

La Hot Rods

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When I just pulled the engine out I tried to remove the starter with the header on but it just didn't fit so I had to loosen the header up first.
That being said.....to install the header you can start the bolts in the head flange and then install the starter then tighten up your header bolts.

scott hall

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James I believe mine are purple and green. Think the purple is the start wire. Would have to double check if I get the car out of the trailer next month.